What it is,

It’s a feeling,

What it’s not,

Is not believing,

When you stop,

Your heart pop,

No need for a new loss,

Just feel like a boss,

Don’t let the thought cross,

Cause enough is enough,

It is only as good as it was,

When the stage is on,

Waiting for you,

When the beat drop,

Looking for you,

Holding you tight,

Listen light,

Cause the fever will never stop,




In the mist of it all,

You forget all,

Time is nothing,

And nothing is time,

The feeling of joy,

When you are in line,

The waiting of a shell,

Crossing the line,

It’s as deep,

As the mountains are high,

It’s a as low,

As if you can touch the sky’s,

One thought after another,

Passing by,

No need to regret,

It’s all a lie,

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