Got to practice being calm,

Got to ride out the storm,

It’s hard though,

When you’re gone,

I wish I could say it in a song,

The list of words to describe you are so long,

You and I have a special bond,

It goes beyond,

The boundary of the universe,

It opens it up in a burst,

Still loving you is a curse,

It hurt,

Cause when I am alone,

And I don’t hear the phone,

I think you don’t love me,

I seek for you to hug me,

It’s scary when it’s lonely,

I talk real,

I’m not phony,

I see you and me,

Our girl riding on a pony,

A house by the lake,

A tv from Sony,

Us eating togheter,

when we’re hungry,

Not thinking about money,

Riding a bike,

When it’s sunny,

With you I’m never grumpy,

I don’t feel like a zombie,

Not like a boring ass life,

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