With every inhalation,

In my grandma’s basement,

I felt close to you,

When I went to my haven,

You was all I was craving,

I needed you,

I don’t call it addiction,

But a strong attachment,

My attachment soon turned into affliction,

And no willingness to absence,

I soon forgot meaning of life,

Everything I did was with strife,

No more action,

A state of mind that wasn’t right,

All I saw was fraction,

All I wanted was to get high,

Never wanted to say goodbye,

Are you ok? Everybody was asking,

My voices in my head kept me company,

I had an awakening spiritually,

I soon forgot what was and wasn’t reality,

I was too afraid to ask the questions,

Too bitter to take any suggestion,

I thought people would laugh at me,





Now I have been absent one year,

A magical change has happened,

My mind is much more clear,

I see my future sharpen,

I no longer look at it with fear,

I am more spiritually awaken,

I realize life is a continuous fight,

That I am willing to take,

I want to fight with all my might,

Positive mindset will help me flow, like a lake,

I will do what’s right,

Whatever it takes,

I know my future is bright,

It’s too much at stake,


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