Time fly by,

Where does it go?

Maybe the same place as my hopes and dreams?

When I’m feeling low,

Depressed like forever,

To me I am a stranger,

My drug problem are major,

I try to take advice literally,

But nothing is what it’s supposed too be,

I get kind of selfish,

My friend bought me a goldfish,

My other friend said I need to stop whining,

Go back to work,

I got to tell you it hurt,

I did learn though,

That we all need to grow,

Cause he would give me advice,

But not apply them too his own life,

I just realized,

It’s not enough to trivialize,

You need to visualize righteous,

In thought,

you need to be courageous,

Accepting who we are will save us,

We need to stop blame ourselves,

Or things will become more atrocious,

Long for emotional wealth and good health,

Fear cause stealth,

Dare to ask for help,


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