Greetings, this is Base. I’m glad you are here catching up on my music.  This is a blog for me Base making Hip-hop music. You can find my other platforms, here:

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Background Information

When and why I started making music

I am a 26 year old male. I currently study Web design in Gjøvik, Norway. I want to be a web developer and have worked on several projects before. But this is about my journey as an artist. I first got into music, well, I have liked music since I was a child. I have always had a facination for hip-hop. The wordplay, rhythms and flow is what got me. I think the best in the business are people like Cypress Hill, Tupac, Biggie, Vinnie Paz, Rakim etc.. I couldn’t choose one of them even if I had a gun pointed to my head…

I started making music about December, 2018. I was really excited and used a lot of time on my first song, “Burning desire”, which I still think is one of my best songs yet.


Now my mission for making music is too show people the path (not the road) for which to choose. The path may be seen as something different than a road. It’s more abstract. I would like for you to be diligent, optimistic, caring and all of that without telling you what to do but by inspiring you! Sometimes the least walked road is the hardest but when you open your eyes and see other people. You know a lot of people are insecure, negative, don’t have own opinions and that leads them to lead a life as a follower. Don’t do that be yourself, your best self, and live life just like you want it!

Facts about Base

Artist name: Base

Born: 11.9.1994 Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Live in: Norway
Relationship status: single
Genre: Hip-Hop

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