You want to look beyond what you see,

Time to be or not to be,

Time to do what you got to do,

Time to stay free,

Time to make it,


Feedback instantly,

Tell the truth truthfully,

Thinking I am no better than you,

But no one beats me,

Stress on my mind,

I got to get it out,

I don’t want to find a spouse,

I am the king in my house,

I tell it like it is,

I tell you what it’s about,

I don’t know how,

You can fit all that bullshit,

In your mouth,

Did I fill your head up with doubt,





I need to get this out,

Strong as stout,

A movement,

Like scout,

Dancing and showing off,

On my paper route,

You walk by,

It’s not cool guy,

When I walk by,

Everybody shout,

I am the host,

Like Dreamhost,

In my dreams I see ghosts,



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