Be yourself for christ’s sake – rapping for beginners pt. 1

Hello beginner rappers

This is a post especially made for beginner rappers. Maybe you have not started yet, but thought you would search the net for tips on how to start your journey on being a rapper. Or maybe you’ve created a song or two but don’t feel like you have what it takes.

Be yourself for christ’s sake

Too the last ones I want to say: You have what it takes! Everyone can be a rapper. You don’t need money, fancy cars, ladies or bling bling. The biggest tips I can give is be yourself. No matter what you write about or how you approach it. The one thing to keep in mind is that you are good enough. Music is subjective. Maybe you won’t be a billionaire like Jay-z or a rap god like Eminem, you still can get exposure. Keep in mind building a fan base takes time.

What is better ? Big or small fan base

When it comes to building a fan base, I would like to ask you a question. Would you prefer a lot of fans who are distant or a few fans who follow your every step? You may think, well, if I have a lot of fans I’ll make more money. But that’s not always true. Like in business you would wsnt what is called loyal fans. People who buy your new album when it’s just come out. People who comment on your tracks on soundcloud. I had over 3000 likes on my Facebook page, but only a few people engaged with my posts. Therefore I am not served by calling to a big market group.


Marketing is extremly important, how else are people going to find your music right? What you want to do for starters is to share music on social media accounts. Don’t think your friends or family don’t want to listen. Share your music to them too. Often it’s through friends and family that posts are reshared to their friends and then they’re friends visit your soundcloud page or blog, or wherever else your music is published. When it comes to marketing it’s very important to know your target group. Keep that in mind also when your writing your songs.