Go against the stream,


Livin’ the dream,


Wake up one morning,


With money I’ve never seen,


Pocket full of green,


That’s unheard,


Watch out for your girl,


One people in this world,


We all used to be curled,


I give you the info,


Call me herald,


Unseen victory,


I never heard,


Speak up or forever be silent,


Please don’t be violent,


No need of confinement,


We should be firing,




What a waste of life,


Take it to the dump,


Get rid of this lump,


Enough about this cocksucker,


How are you,


Only I can change my life,


So can you,


It’s so true,


We all need love to enlarge,


The goodness in our hearts,


You got to be smart,


That’s why you got to listen,


Or life will be a huge pissin’,


Why you dissin’,


Get this point of view,


I never liked you,


Come see me on the corner,


I’ll fight you,


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