There’s a story of a man,

Trynna’ take over our motherland,

He thought he had a master plan,

But he was the biggest scam,

He thought he could win,

over the ethiopians,

What a big loser,


What are you sayin’,


That they conqured Ethiopia,

Because you think they are sand men,

You must take your head out of the sand,


I mean take your head out of my contraband,

You are a lonely man,

You can’t even feed your fam,

Taking shots at me,


I’m dying man,

Fuck you,

Say one more thing,

and I will shush you,

Take a clue,

I will bust a nut on your head,

Break your legs,

Roll you down the stairs,

Till you break you’re neck,

While you’re screaming,

How can I make up to you,

Don’t disrespect,

You’re fantasies,

Are like Blek,

Watch this flow go,

Just like a beck,


On net,

Hoovering over you,

Glenn Beck,

has no neck,

Take it down,

Or I mean up,

Front’ on me,

Good luck,

Wishing I was down with that,




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