I now understand the principles of life,

Time to stop thinking,

And enter the light,

I got to put up a fight,

And for all my loved ones,

Make it right,

I’ve been a shaddow of my masculinity,

Oppose my femininity by turning down affinity,

It goes on and on into vicinity,

My subconscious mind sends messages I don’t understand,

When I pick up something,

I use the wrong hand,

I try to remind myself,

Concentrate and don’t lose faith,

I think, eventually things fill fall into place,

When I see dimples on my face,

I get a strong distaste,

My head is too big,

My arms are too wide,

I feel like my mask don’t have an outside,

I hope for the future to be able to let go,

Just be me and not be afraid to let the pain show,

All I want is for me to be a better person,

For once I need to close the curtains,

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