My rhymes are flaming,

Gas chambering,

My voice is soft like Israelian,

Thoughts hits you like a slug to your neck,

I didn’t mean to hit you,

It’s just a reflex,

Put on your gloves and your vest,

Time to protest,

no time to relax,

Viva la revolution for all mexican,

You need to build a wall,

To keep out the americans,

World cup, gives more divided power,

Everybody benefits of soccer players aiming higher,

Iniesta are trying to retire,

But I think he can’t get off it,

Like a successive liar,

Like Napoleaon I am holding it down,

Like Egypt I am combined,

By two forces of the same struggle,

War will never end,

It is the same struggle,

Simplicity is good and all,

But never forget the power,

Of complex thought,

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