I don’t remember,

Is all I can say,

I don’t see myself as a member,

Of this community,

No one can,

Get through to me,

My life is broken in peaces,

All I need is to get myself together,

Still all I see is stormy weather,

People pushing me in different directions,

I don’t agree with any of ya’ll,

It’s a misconception,

I live in a different reality,

A different spectrum,

The pain I feel is of being misunderstood,

The thoughts I have Is all I am,

And I don’t share them,

I don’t want to,

Cause inside I feel like people already,

Can hear them,

All I want is freedom,

No mind-control,

My intellectual abilities,

Is what I want you to behold,

The level of my personality,

Is deep as a bowl,

Holding my head up high,

Feeling the spirit of my soul,

The visual interpretation of me,

Is like gold,

A construct of mind,


I am alive when I sleep,

Endless times,

You want to agree but you’re lying,

The hope and dreams of a man,

Returns to everything is fine,

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