What’s up,

I am feeling top,

New year is almost here,

The storm is near,

I didn’t write hip hop,

The big bang with fire,

I want to speak up,

You fucking crier,

Let’s cross the wire,

Hope the train don’t hit,

My dress don’t fit and my thoughts are lit,

Beware cause a new year brings fear,

It’s done this year but the new one might bring hope,

New roles I’ll wear,

Wash my face with soap,

This time I’ll cope,

At the party feeling alive,

Screaming to survive,

At least I gave it a try,

Yelling why why,

I don’t want to be left alone,

Like a dog who has noone to share his bone,

Fly a drone or wish people welcome home,

What a feeling it would be,

Too share my best memories with thy,

Well as I think I am swell,

Let it be,

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