It’s so complicated some times,

Having a good time is hard,

I don’t want to judge so I sit back,

With the coffee in my hand,

Looking at the stars,

I don’t want to waste time,

The intricate things in life,

Are always blissful too me,

I don’t like ass-kissing,

Either show respect or get out,

I hope for a good christmas ahead,

Leavibg behind all the bad memories,

Starting fresh,

Is it really just an expression,

The life I lead is just so mesmerizing,

My life is a mirror,

Reflecting my inner-most feelings and hopes and fears,

I like to listen to music,

Too control my thoughts,

Leaving behind a trail of bounded stories,

I want to go too concerts more,

Judge the music like I know I can,

Singing the songs on my way back home,

Looking at the stars,

Reflecting my moment of happiness,

No way I want to fail life,

Because it’s so damn hard,

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