Is it better to leave words unspoken,

Of course you can’t talk,

With your mouth broken,

Leaving to rest,

I don’t quit before I pass the test,

What do you want me to say,

I can’t be bothered,

By crazy thoughts every day,

When I drop the mic,

Let me know if you can feel me,

If I said I am not bothered,

Would you believe me,

I don’t want to die in vein,

I’ll surpass your beliefs,

Creating thoughts in the brain,

Why do people do what they do,

Still I can’t maintain,

Let it be that tupac and biggies murder,

Was their game,

Yes I said it,

Don’t be mistaking my rap,

I hope to never smoke crack,

Because of what I lack,

Pain is never alone,

It’s never a trap,

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