Equality of outcome

I am in a mindful state,

I don’t like to wait,

I do what I want to,


Still I don’t stay up late,


My time is consuming,


I am working out,


With explosive heart rate


I eat a lot of protein to build muscle,


I do push ups so I hussle,


I live in my own bubble,


I want to huddle,


So let’s build a space shuttle,


I do not want to erupt,


Or be left by of a system that’s corrupt,


I’ve had enough,


Of these self-righteous leaders,

Who do not know how to shut up,

Pointing fingers at everybody,


While cheating on the one he calls mommy,


Thinking that she’s no longer a hottie,


We need politicians with more quality,


Better policy is equality,


It creates a spiral of generosity,