My wonderful mind leaves me not at ease,

Why is there that my thoughts never seem to abide,

The tender feeling of my mind leaves me no right,

I am happy because I know why love will never die,

You see there is no power stronger than love,

The rushing of blood through the mind is exhilarating,

The people don’t know what has been given to them,

A mysterious connection between body, mind and spirit leaves me unforgettable,

As my roaring continues I will champion the greatest tests,

Because I am a humble being in loss for words,

All that is left is for me to continue this journey,

Through thick and thin I will leave my body at rest,

Let my mind open up to the force of good,

Always keep in mind the duality of life,

Or duality of mind as is the right term,

Cause life is what you wish for,

So be careful with your wishes,

Only a strong person can keep in mind the sorrow and still keep on going,

Only the best wishes will be granted,

As the power of desire will motivate you to do brilliant things,

Positivity comes one step at the time,

With the right clothes and the right attitude you will get there,

There is no escape from the eternity,

Therefore we have to expect it and accept it,

As I am writing this I feel the need to express how I am feeling,

This contentment is wonderful,

I feel like every push on the keyboard is the right one,

The burning in my heart is exceptional to my understand,

What is left is a happy face,

I now see my true desire,

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