When the lonely nights come,

And you’re drifting away,

The far becomes near,

The endless nights,

Gives you fear,

One told me,

Love ain’t fair,

Open your eyes,

And you will keep them shut,

Liking what you see,

Till you go nuts,

The power of love,

Is as deep as the river,

When you don’t know,

It gives you shivers,

Turns a denier to a believer,

When it rains it pours,

Locking all the doors,

Cause you can’t understand the law,

It’s not cause you crazy,

Only a little lazy,

Waiting on the lady,

Why don’t you call her,


Less time to fool around,

More time to go underground,

When the night is clear,

You see the disguise,

When the night is rare,

You see all the lies,

It’s only time that can heal,

Your lonely heart,

Moments you feel,

Like you are,

 not being smart,

Forget about your pride,

Sing a melody like a lark,

No need to witness the dark,

Open your eyes,

Get rid of all your despise,

Take time out to,

To be with the guys,

Love is forever,

No one can take it from you,

Fake it till you make it,

Nothing happens,

If you stay waited,

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