I slap you in the face,

If you get in my way,

My space,

Your fear ain’t misplaced,

I’m so real,

You think I’m fake,

If you’re frontin’,

Your bones I will break,

In front of your friends,

Leave no time,


Where did your balls go,

Where they went,

No tomorrow for you,

Not even lent,

The time has come,

What happened happened, 

It’s done,

I’m a play you like a drum,

Make you run,

Slap you with my gun,

All for fun,

Don’t make a move son,

It’ll be the last you do,

I’m not even trying to prove,

I do this because I should,

Because I could,

You pray for an interlude,

But you won’t get one dude,

No water no food,

No play-station,

No x-box,

Organizing your face,

Like assets in dropbox,

What did you say,


Well I’m not,

I’m a make it hot,

Then leave you to rot,

That’s what’s up,

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