Am I really that,

Easy to read,

You seem to always,

Have an eye for me,

Always thinking,

The worst of me,

Sometimes you’re right,

Sometimes you’re wrong,

Still no need to wonder,

Look at me and tell me,

What do you see,

I can’t guess,

What you’re thinking,

Even when I’m right,

You tell me I’m wrong,

Staring at me,

Hoping I will break,

Sometimes you’re right,

Sometimes you’re wrong,




I can’t comprehend,

How you came to this,

Me always taking the blame,

Hurting me for real,

I like to see you fail,

At least a few times,

When I ask you why,

You don’t tell me anything,

Weird that it got to be like this,

Hold up for a moment,

Let’s look at the possibilities,

Either she hates me,

Or maybe she is just like me,

Stand before me and tell me,


Why has it to be like this?

Maybe it’s unpreventable,

Still I like to see you smile,

And love to hear you laugh,




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