Many might say,

Alex, you work too hard,

People pray,

To see the end of the dark,

Work makes me complete,

Gives meaning to my life,

Work gives my heart the beat,

While you may say it makes me too uptight,

I don’t care for violence,

It’s only for fools,

Everytime you’re crying,

Is because you don’t want to loose,

I work hard to become a master,

A master in disguise,

I don’t listen to a pastor,

I believe much of what he says is lies,

Being a web developer,

is what I’m aiming for,

I am not a follower,

I am me so I am whole,

I want to be content,

with my abilities,

I want to help a friend,

Struggling to just be,

I don’t want to die,

I still have a lot to do,

I am prepared for the worst,

Even losing someone or two,

I have chosen to be sober,

The best decision in my life,

Now I seek a lover,

Who can fulfill me right,

A friend told me,

If you stay busy,

Things will come to you,

If you are frisky,

I want to walk in your shoes,

I love my people’s,

More than I’ve ever had,

I can feel my moms love and support from my lads,

I want to witness me and my friends,

Being successful in what we do,

I am going to do what i intend,

Don’t stop, but follow through,

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