I am reaching for the medal,

I see it now,

My feet are on the pedal,

A man is in the middle,

Voices in my head are all forgetful,

I’ve always known what I do,

Never been unstable,

Exploring the world before I settle,

Coping not by drinking or smoking,

I am sick of lies those people are swallowing,

My name is my word and my love is a girl,

I have nothing against trans people,

They have their place in this world,

I am not that into politics,

Too much propaganda I encounter,

Too sensitive people on a banter,

Englishmen are lawbiding people,

I like soccer especially Liverpool,

When I open my mouth I meet obstacles,

My jackets are unwashable,

As I’m writing this I feel a pain,

Pain of love for writing,

Now it’s not the same,

I hope you have a plan in life,

I wish the best for you,

Good night,

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