Where are you now,

My inspiration of all inspirations,

Are you sweeping the floor,

Are you done clouding my imagination,

I need your love,

Your smile and laughter,

Once upon a time always on my mind,

From here on after,

I need to communicate better,

My inner most feelings,

It’s just that when I’m talking,

I don’t feel lighter,

I know that the clouds are drowning,

The floor is wet,

The life of a movie star ain’t always correct,

I don’t want you to die,

I want you to overcome and survive,

Living life one day at a time,

Make it your day by doing it your way,

I love the stars,

Keep on jogging,

Keep up the fight,

It’s always right,

So just don’t stop grooving,

Make my day once more,

Before you keep on moving,

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