Time to put on the white hat,

Because it’s summer time,

Laying in the park,

Drinking wine,

In the summer there is not enough time,

Taking photos, standing in lines,

The grass is yellow because of dehydration,

Still watering them will cause further complications,

No fire allowed in this part of road E6,

Brick walls make me sick,

Time to pull a trick,

Show of what you got,

Going to new places and usual spots,

I am not allowed to drink,

Since I am in an institution,

Drinking a little,

Can turn to more abusement,

Holidays is no different,

On the train looking at women,

Affinity like feeling of disembarkment,

No time to yell, it’s to much stress,

Looking to show that I’m the best,

On a boat with a vest, pumping up my chest,

This is my life now,

More or less,

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