Deciving thoughts embarking my brain,

Grieving a loss makes me insane,

I want to go back too when everything seemed so true,

Is there no humanity left?

I imagine myself driving a car 100 mph,

I see myself standing in front of you,

What do you see, maybe it’s just an illusion,

I want to hold you tight but I know you will just drift away,

Is there hope for me?

I take a deep breath witnessing my surroundings,

I see myself in a different complexion,

I want to go home but as stupid as it may be sounding,

I have no direction,

I am just a man looking for a reaction,

I want to breath but I can feel a distraction,

My mouth opens as I keep going,

But then I stop, why am I destined to rot?

It feels good to open up my inner most feelings,

It makes me feel complete and it’s relieving,

Hope you enjoyed the time we spent,

Till next time, goodbye, and see you again,

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