My business is my business,

There’s no way to twist it,

I am guilty and charged,

I need to enlarge my feeling of being in charge,

I want to create something,

I want to love somebody,

Like I’ve never been loved,

I look for you in fear of me being shut up,

I don’t want to stop,

It’s never enough,

I need a purpose,

that can combine these verses,


Maybe I am a person,

Not a toy to be played with,

Not a merchant,

What’s the deal of life,

I do something you say is right,

I might do the opposite of it the next day,

What’s there to say,

Money creates wealth,

What if the problem is,

You can’t win with the cards you was delt,

I need inspiration too fuel my imagination,

No point in bringing it back,

I trust facts instead of rats,

The globe is uncertain,

If trump will be a problem,

But totally forgetting that putin,

Is the one shooting,

We need a wrap up of this mockery,

I just want to be free,

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