You may ask yourself what does it takw to get a big following on social media. It’s difficult to know the steps because rarely people tell you about what it takes. Here will I go deeper into what will make your fan base growing.

1. Publish music regularly

To be a rapper means that you must be a rock to your fans. You can’t disappoint them. One way to disappoint your fans is if they feel you have disappeared. To be consistent in publishing new songs is key to a larger follower base. People who don’t stay true to what they do will surely deminish

2. Switch your style up

To switch ones style is important to appeal to different people. You need a set of tools to let your fans know you got the whole package. People stand in awe of rappers who got a magnetude of styles. It keeps your music fresh and more people will notice you as a prominent rapper.

3. Interact with fans on social platforms

You can’t come away from the fact that you need to be open to your fans. By interacting with your fans you will earn respect. Maybe a social media profile ain’t that bad after all? Rappers who post on social media get more publicity. People can share your posts to their friends and your presence can determin your image to the public. Posting on facebook, instagram etc. is still a crucial part of letting your voice be heard by more people

Your music should be talking for you

As a final statement. Your music is the thing that should do the talking. Without putting effort in the songs you make the other tips will not work. By creating original tunes you will have a stand out from your competitors. This is vital because on the internet there is a fight for power and interests that will take spark from you. Keeping yourself up to date, switching your style up and interacting with fans on social media, defines you as an artist but if you don’t got the musical quality people won’t remember you.

Here is a song I made recently, I think it’s quite good. What do you think?

old and new by Base

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