Can it be,

That human existence has a destiny,

Where are we going,

Or more importantly why,

What gave us this freedom to explore,

What gave us the strength to get by,

What is the meaning of our personal lives,

Is religion right.

Or is it a lie,

Is there common ground to our joy and our cry,

Will we find a way to live forever and not die,

Are we just animals who can talk,

Are we here by chance not by thought,

Is it meant to be that we take the thrown,

Out of millions of species,

why do we feel so alone,

Will we wipe ourselves out,

Or will we witness it all gone,

We have little knowledge,

We have yet to figure out,

If we could exist,

On another planet,

Will there ever come a twist,

We should all spend time thinking of what we take for granted,

We should all sing the songs of joy,

Stand on a mountain and shout it,

Do you share the feeling of the days taking too long,

What’s the rush when we are all going to die,

Going out smooth or hard like a storm,

Do you share the feeling of everything going wrong,

What about the times when it goes well,

It’s like it never where,

Like you couldn’t tell,

Do you stress about all the things you have to do,

Maybe some of it is not that important as you think,

Can you make it easier for you to succeed,

Maybe we all sometimes want to bleed,

Our brain seems wired to make it concede,

Let yourself feel good about the things you do right,

Make it a quest to feel all right,

Do you share the thought of days being too short,

It’s because you had a good time,

Keep that in mind,

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