I don’t need it,

Don’t got to have it,

It’s only a bad habit,

When I toke,

I kill my lungs with the smoke,

It’s no joke,

Now I’m happy,

Most of the time,

Now I feel like,

I can finally unwind,

My mind,

Goes faster,

I don’t cry when I hear laughter,

The feelings that I used to fear,

I now master,

Time to be an adult,

Time to be free,

From bad people and negativity,

It’s so much to see,

Enough going around in circles,

Don’t you agree,

Like Eartha Kitt,

I wanna go on a loving spree,

With you around,

Going downtown,

With you I wanna be,

Loving your whole body,

Every imperfection,

No need for correction,

What makes love grow,

Is investment,

I can finally mean it when I say,

Everything’s okay,

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