I gotta get a job,

But how could it last,

Reminiscin’ about a hit,

I did in the past,



Is that what I’m supposed to do,

I can’t take the bad thought,

Hmm Hmm,

Life is hard and then you die,

But it get’s harder when you don’t try,

Intelligent negro,

My soul is free yo,

Protected with a steel toe,

Want to move to Puerto Rico,

Getting drunk,


I can’t get no sleep,

Fuck a hoe,

Taking what I got,

So I can make it bro,

Let go,

I feel surrounded by foe’s,

Feel like I got to make it big,

Put on a show,

Grow a big afro,

Get the dough,

Slang music,

Show hater’s to the dooh,

You don’t hear me though,

But what’s fo sho’,

Is that I will live on,

Even when I go,

Laugh if you want,

Because I said so,

I will hang with my brothers,


Build my network,

Like Expo,

Stack money in rows,

Invincible killah,

Making people uncomfortable,

From here to Frisco,

Coming to you’re house,

With a bow and arrow,

Put your body in a barrel,

Win Norway,

Like the dead king Harold,

Come back before cereal,


It’s intellectual,

Get with it,

Girls bend over so,

I can rate your behind,

It looks like you’re a nine,

Just kidding,

You’re ass looks like a straight line,

For real though,

Bitches evolve with the time,

I see it out there,

It’s getting more sublime,

Still looking at them dimes,

One got red tights on,

Like to fuck her with my nine,

Front to back,

Side to side,

Bend over come closer,

Make her ride,

She says to me,

It’s like I came back to life after dyin,

While your girl said,

Thanks for tryin’,

While you think she’s lyin’,

Nobody can touch me,

I’m all you niggaz combined,

It’s my time to get shined,

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