Are you trying to diss me?

Taking your time to fuel up,

Going down the drain with me,

I don’t want to abuse and misuse drugs,

I’ll be the one staying away,

It’s a shame I don’t know what’s possible,

I don’t care who’s with you,

Christ is with me so don’t use a tissue,

I will start a riot with no political issue,

A post modernist taking notes,

I have unlimited time to stay woke,

Best of you is my worst self,

I don’t see the point,

I don’t know who you are,

You don’t know either so rejoint,

Fake character always comes with flaws,

I like to conform with truth and obey the law,

No time for racist dicks and hypocrites,

My soul is empty no questions asked,

I like how crazy you are,

It makes me laugh,

I ain’t no Patrice O’neal,

still I feel free to unveal,

Lies of a haindsmaid tale,

In other words you won’t prevail,

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