I got soul running through my veins,

I got soul coming forth like spring,

So much soul it would take a lot of time to paint,

A perfect trio body, mind and soul that ring,

A moving element in my body,

Closing in on everybody,

Rushing through like a Harley,

I got to share it with somebody,

The moment I realized,

That in my is a flame actualized,

A growing love not computerized,

I now see what’s in front of my eyes,

The tension used to be so strong,

Now I see that it was wrong,

The companionship of friends,

Will live with me to the very end,

I got soul,

Lifting me to where I’ve never been,

A force so strong it can’t be seen,

I am a complete human-being,

I can do whatever I deem,

There’s so much suspicion in this world,

Why can’t we live in peace?

Is that so absurd,

The evil forces within us are strong,

But the strongest force of all,

Is realizing we are one,




6 Replies to “I got soul”

    1. Thanks, MissteriosoDas! I thought of a different song when I wrote this, “Rasta got soul”! Cool song

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