Why am I so stressed out?

I feel my breath in my chest,

Not in my mouth,

What can I do without?

Certainly, this feeling of anxiety and doubt,

All I want is to be successful,

But every day before work,

I am super stressful,

Feel super “oul”,

I consume this fast-food of stress meat,

Can’t seem to get of my feet,

I need to digest my frustration,

This awful beast,

Like from cigarette smoke,

I am choking within my own anxieties,

I want to free myself don’t want to be,

Stuck in shame of my own limitations,

Like Kanye West,

I need new innovations,

This tornado of stress and anxiety,

Is glued to me,

Where did I go wrong?

When I feel down I relax,

Put on a song,

It’s written all over,

I just need to keep moving on,

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