Hello world,

Are you happy too see my face,

Everytime I twurl,

I hope you are safe,

What can I do for you,

Or is it a little bit to late,

Are you searching for something,

Or is everything fate,

I am not judging,

I have faith,

No time to be lumping,

I keep it straight,

The moon gives me feelings,

Of supernatural powers,

I think so I am,

Growing coffee beans with different flavours,

Hope tomorrow will give me pleasures,

I want the best for you,

7 Replies to “I want the best for you”

      1. I need someone to tell me what the hell is going on with my blog because apparently I’m an idiot and can’t comprehend this technological world. And Google won’t let me logon to anything. I don’t know what I fucked up myself and what has been set up by who knows.

        1. It seems to be working fine but you can’t log-in to wordpress? If you didn’t create the site maybe those who did can atleast help you find tge email they used so you can get a new password

          1. If it’s been deleted it’s gone. The first step would then be to contact you’re web host. See if the can retrieve youre account, if the email you used are none excisting. If you can log into youre web host it should be an easy process to fix the wp issue.

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