New cat on the block,

Swift and straight in the knot,

It looks yellow and is hot,

Breakdancing through and through,

Looking for the spot and being hopeful,

Masking his eyes with glasses,

Being all thoughtful,

I am smoking a cigarette and walking in the bar,

Oh it’s the club, haha,

I came to rock the house,

Play the party music,

I want to kill a mouse,

Bop bop bop,

Boom bap,

Hoe’s and tricks and what not,

Play it right you shite,

I hear people scream,

The mouse has entered the dance floor,

Turn of the lights,

All you hear is,

Brap brap,

Kill it make it scream,

My mom is going too sleep good tonight,

Wild thoughts as I break he’s neck with my glock,

Wanna dance with me,

Hahaha you silly gooses,

What is the problem here I hear,

Mickey mouse was the shout out,

As I walked away with a pussy cat,

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