It’s a new earth,

A re-birth,

It no longer hurt,

Were people are equal,

No need to be first,

We don’t need to shine,

When we’re free in mind,

It’s sublime,

Yet defined,

Love is never a crime,

No longer yours or mine,

It’s combined,

No more waiting in line,

We all get what’s coming to us,

Everythings fine,

Human and bears,

The others we no longer fear,

Connecting the dots,

We find our spot,

We get our crop,

In huge amounts,

A lot,

Peace with cops,

Waiting no more for the red dot,

We all swap,

Everybody get’s a shot,

Everybody sing the Doo wop,

Feel the beat drop,

Laugh, scream and hop,

Racism and sexism,

Is not,

Bad music flop,

The wealth gap stop,

Out with the evil,

In with the new,

Live longer,

Be stronger,

Down with the liar,

More money for the real acquired,

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