My meaning of life,

Is to become more like my role models,

My uncle is one of them,

He is an intelligent and thoughtful person,

In every aspect of the word,

He is great at giving insight to complex problems,

I want to become more like him,

Because he seems so content with he’s life,

He is not materialistic at all,

Don’t watch television or eat junk food,

He lives out he’s dreams through going on trips in the woods.

Skiing, walking and paddling,

He didn’t have a girlfriend for quite some time,

Like me,

He is not into one-night stands,

But he has had a girlfriend now for over three years,

They seem open with each other,

My point with all this is that,

You must find your own way,

What may be right for you may be wrong for others,

I don’t believe in absolute truths,

The way we life is a part of who we are not what is,

I open myself up to possibilities because it makes me calm,

Knowing that I’ve made in depth research before reaching an conclusion,

It can make me indecisive,

I know,

But I don’t want to speak up about something I don’t truly believe in,

My emotions come and go,

I am not very emotionally mature,

I can’t seem to control my emotions as some others,

I want to master them,

To be a better version of myself,

Reaching the stars through constant personal development,

I see life as a quest for purpose,

What keeps me going is that I am not finished,

I don’t know everything,

I don’t know what everything is,

Of all the things that is,

I only know a tiny portion of that,

It makes me hungry for knowledge of myself and people,

I want to know people’s intentions,

Dreams and desires,

Your goal often is not what you truly desire,

Among my goals for this year is to pay down my debt,

Get a part time job,

Which I have,

And learn more about web development,

It all can be boiled down to a few desires,

Contentment, pride, joy and happiness,

I am not like most people I think,

Because I don’t worry about status,

I’d like to be respected but won’t work that hard to achieve it,

The downfall of me will be when I lose my pride and integrity,

Just to be popular,

I don’t need popularity, I need quality,

A quality life,

For me,

Constitutes being true to myself,

My values are not the most important thing,

People are,

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