No regrets,


But full of doubt,


Voices in my head,


Outside my mind,


Can’t help myself,


No victory,


I will still fight,


Till the end,


Remembering our bond,


How you light up,


How I am happy to be your friend,


Forgive me if I’m wrong,


I am not suppose to do this,


Still I crumble before you,


Waiting to hold you,


Forgetting my line,


Hoping you will be around for me,


How I make myself cry,


From the bitterness of your words


It’s all a lie,


Never surrender,


Cause It ain’t what it used to be,


Some days I remember,


The good times we had,


No one can take you from me,


Even the holy spirit,


Our bond is too strong,


Letting go,


I am yours,



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