Hey, guys! I am feeling so stressed, and I think I know why. You know stress begins in the mind and then get’s control over your body. First it’s creeping, lurking. Waiting to attack when your most vulnerable. And that’s exactly what happened to me. I have to tell you I haven’t been sleeping well this month. It’s a vicious circle when you begin to get up late, and sleep less by staying up all night. The stress you put on your mind is building up like a river hitting a wall. Knock knock! Who’s there? Stress. Eventually the wall will break.

When your feeling at your most vulnerable it’s smart to take a step back. Get an overview of the situation. So you can learn what triggers you to become stressful. In my situation it was sleeping less hours, over a long period of time. I learned that sleep is as precious as a glass of water. It repairs you in the same way. I also learned that stress will grow into your body. First it sets in the mind, then in the body. You become tired, restless and have low energy levels. This makes up for a bad recipe for self-harm, because you can do something about it. Everybody can.

Another way to feel sharp, except for sleeping, is excercise. The benefits are well documented. By excercising you release stress hormones. It makes your mind sharper and you develop strength. Working out will make you more resilient and shield you from symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. I have been working out lately, jogging and strength training but the sleep part is what drove me insane.

To wrap up I wanna tell you to stay focused on your goals. Remember to have some fun this summer and have a great day.

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