Hello hello,

What you waiting fo’,

Come out before I crack down your doo’,

You tried to play me,

Like Joe,

So you got to pay yo,

Speak up or forever be silent,

This violence will leave you cryin’

like botox,

You will look like a duck,

When I’m finished,

You will diminish,

Don’t beg for mercy, 

I will not take it lightly,

You will fear me,

Say spare me,

Leave you weary,

I will take your soul,

Your body I will carry,

You then will see clearly,

The mistake you made was sketchy,


My kindness has left me,

Your family will worry,

I will go to there house and say sorry,

But his body I had to burry,

Then laugh,

So say the past is the past,

Nothing lasts,

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