Life is great for me now,

Still I want to learn,

How to process the past,

Then let it burn,

What’s the return,

Maybe a burning desire you yearn,

It’s troublesome to me,

Why you left me be,

I just don’t understand,

Why you didn’t felt close to me,

Time is fresh, orangely,

It’s better to think positivly,

Therefore you can speak more openly,

Sometimes I am too bummed out to think straight,

Life is development, like a grape,

You sit still you loose faith,

Why wait, when you know you can do it,

Sometimes you have to just do it,

No more hiding, stand in front of the lightning,

Scream, I don’t want to die, but I will die without sin,

With good intentions there is power,

Gaining to little respect can make you cower,

It’s time to return to who I really am,

A person with feelings, and a master plan,

Life is hard, damn,

But we make it much harder,

Why not buy some land,

Eating grapes like a bear,

Thinking like a lamb,

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