What are you waiting for,


Around the corner,


We’re all waiting,


Won’t you come with us,




Looks like nobody,


What are you saying,


Can’t bear the thoughts,


Of you,




Live the life you want,


No waiting,


Cause every dawn has it’s day,


Listen to what people say,


What comes next,


I don’t know,


Endless nights,


I want to fight,


Forgetting life,


I wanna strive,


Hold your head up high,


Cause only time,


Can heal,


The sickening,


Leaving my body,


Learning from eachother,


Is a waiting lobby,


Take part,


Don’t be afraid of the dark,


Cause when time shows,


It’s unforgettable,


It’s free,


It’s stupid,


It’s crazy,


Long live the king,


Holding my hand,


The strongest man,


Lifting me up,


I’m shut,


But the emotions may leave me,


In lust,



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