Time is ill,


Get the money,


One way or another,


Kill kill kill,


My brotha,


Music blastin,


The survival of the fittest,


I’ll be the last king,


Survival retrieval,


Hoping that I will stomp the next man,


Six o’clock,


Wheat in the crack pot pot,


I won’t stand for you,


You will flop,


The time has answered my question,


I’m on top,


The saga continues,


it will never stop,


Hoping for better and worse,


You think I’m dumb man,


You clowning,


Money gang,


It ain’t all right,




You thought I was slipping,


But I turned shit around,




What comes next,


What you expect,


A sick ass line,






No no,




Waiting for the beat drop,




What it is,


What it do,


Reppin’ my city,


Woop woop,




It ain’t enough though,


No front yo,


I will make an album,


Selling 1 mill in a month bro,


Putting effort in,


No relaxin’ no chillin’,


Say it again,


Are you listenin’,


Ten times ten times ten,




Move to an Island,


Take family on vacation,




Please stop cryin’,


We all suffer,


No need for violence,

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