My mother told me I stare to much,

Making people insecure and such,

I don’t want to be a problem,

People in my life always lose trust,

I always felt I had talent for little lust,

I rarely walk in shame,

I don’t see the fuzz,

My parents always told me,

You don’t have to feel blame for us two divorcing us,

I can’t help but feel phony,

For being lame,

My co-workers told me I’m insane,

I don’t want to say names,

but I still can’t bare the shame,

Always think about what is to be gained,

By following a path that is strange,

I love my friends but sometimes it’s hard,

Seeing through lies with my distorted eyes,

I am finishing my quest and what a prize,

Glory among my peers,

no need to be televised,

How many more tries before you cry,

I don’t want to say goodbye,

Even when I die,

Fly high into the sky,

Wishing I could do more if I had a second try,

2 Replies to “Love and hope”

  1. I would like to introduce myself, as if I was just born to this group.
    My name is Patricia, I live in Argentina and love to read, although, I chose what to read absolutely at random…
    And I get terrible frustrations and serious surprises, great discoveries in novel writers.
    I love sports too. And going to the movies.
    I have very few friends, not that I do notneed them, but, to be a friend, under my terms is a lifetime agreement oif sharing and getting interested in what happens to” the other significative one”…
    And I have found that not many people care for their friends querries, so, I am very cautious and when I give my attention to somebody or share my secrets with a friend, that I am being taken into account.
    And I think that is ” what friends are for”.

    1. Hi Patricia! Welcome and thanks for commenting. I also read quite at random, but I like certain genres, a lot of how to and factual books. Books can make life better, just make sure to have time to read everyday. If you don’t have time then maybe something is wrong.
      I would very much like to be your friend. Where are you from Patricia?

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