Words sometimes can’t express,

My feelings for you,

I am speechless,

Nobody does it like you do,

I don’t want to be too cocky,

It’s too soon,

You are my blue moon,

Hope to see you in hell,

We are doomed,

Eros shot me with a bow and arrow,

You see my hidden sorrow,

My heart is fully yours,

Not for borrow,

No diamond can tell you,

 how much I value you,

You’re more beautiful than a brand new car,

You are my star,

I want to follow you,

 wherever you are,

Like the rose you are straight perfection,

I want to show you my affection,

I want a spiritual connection,

A longtime dream coming to life,

I want to call you my wife,

Show you everything right,

Share my inner most feelings,

Walk into the light,

Mystical and magical,

Let me call you my apple,

So pure so fresh,

Let me call you lady chapel,

You’re so good to me,

Our sex is amazing,

I’m like damn,

how good can you be?

Your beautiful smile is so lovely,

I want you too,

Love me, love me,








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