This is a story about the babysitter Lydia. She was born by her Mexican father and Polish mother. They moved to Ceuta Spain, because there were not any jobs in Mexico. She is 18 years old, and since she was 15 she had to work to bring food for the family, which is very poor. Her father Raul work at a textile factory and her mother Lisa works at a part-time job as an airport baggage handler. Lydia has a younger brother called Alfonso, he’s 12 years old. Lydia has always been proud to be able to help her family. Even though her parents demand a lot from her economically. When she comes home from work it’s around 9 in the evening. She brings some food to work, but is always hungry when she comes home. There’s not always food at home, so she got too walk 5 miles to the cheapest store in the area in the Príncipe Alfonso district.


On this day, she was working for one of the wealthiest families in the area Melilla, the Alonso’s. This area laid by the shore of northern Africa. The Alonso’s had a large property. The father was owner of several well-known restaurants in the area, like ‘La comida increíble’, the incredible food. When Lydia entered the gates of the villa, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Suddenly a voice said “I see you, come in”, and the gates opened. Still in shock she walked slowly in to the garden. Which was huge, even for normal standards. It was the first time she had worked in a house this big. The garden was full of palm trees and banana trees, but all she could keep her eyes on was the big posts which held up the ceiling in front of the house. She walked closer to it until she could touch it. It was cold relative to the weather. She kept thinking about the posts in her building which was made of steel and much colder. Then suddenly the door opened. There stood a man named Fidel Abrantes, the male servant. “Hello miss, come in”. “Hello” She answered. She walked through the door only too witness even larger posts holding the roof. She was amazed. She still had the effort to say “What a beautiful place”. Fidel said, “Well you know, only the best for the Alonso’s. I expect you to behave accordingly and do the best job possible”. “I will” Lydia answered in awe. “Come, let me show you what I want you to do.” She followed, didn’t want to stare to much on the art on the wall, but couldn’t resist looking at a one of the paintings. She recognized immediately that it was one of the Picasso paintings. Must be an original, she thought. She had trouble following Alfonso, which were quick on his feet. She was baffled by all the corridors. It looked even bigger on the inside than it did on the outside. After walking all the way to the master bedroom Fidel said “Ok, this is what you will do, you will clean all the drawers, all the floor, change the curtains and wash the bathroom clean and make the bed with new linen”. He pointed at the door to the left. She opened it to find the bathroom had marble floor and the bathtub was in silver. There was a big mirror hanging over the sink, which was in gold. “Have you heard what I said” Alfonso said. Lydia had to pause before she answered “Yes, I will do what you told me”. Lydia had always been a hard worker, worked from when she was 15, and almost never taking a day off. When she says she is going to do something, she does it. Therefore, she started cleaning right away. Fidel said he would take a trip to one of the neighbours, the González. He said the Alonso’s was interested in doing deals with them in relation to one of their restaurants.


After several hours of scrubbing and cleaning she was finally done. Tired as she was she felt the need to relax. She walked from the bathroom back to the master bedroom. She took a long look at the master bed. It looks cosy, she thought. But what would they say if she sat on it. She had just made the bed, but she couldn’t resist. She let her fall down in to the bed. She closed her eyes as she felt the duvet surround her. So soft, she thought. Then she heard a knocking on the door. She walked down, took her a minute or so to get too the door. She opened. There was a man wearing a dark skin coat. Looked very normal. “Hello” Lydia said. “May I help you?” Before even finishing her sentence, the man just walked in. She didn’t notice, behind him was another fellow. Big with the same coat as the other guy. Only this guy looked dangerous. She couldn’t help but notice the big scar on his face. No time to wonder, she was too afraid. She said, “Excuse me. Who are you?”. The first guy just glanced at her and smiled. Lydia became more and more anxious, but said “You have to go if you’re not going to tell me who you are”. The scary guy came towards her, and started grabbing her. Lydia is a strong woman and wrestled with all her might. Eventually he gave up. “I am calling the police!” Lydia said with a firm voice. Then the guys disappeared out of thin air. “Lydia, Lydia! wake up!”. It was mr Alonso. Lydia was laying in there master bedroom. She was totally baffled. Was all this just a dream?

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