Love of money is the root of all evil,

Therefore, give it to the poor people,

So, they can attain a better quality of life,

No man needs three houses to have wealth,

Continuous stealth,

More money for wealth and more wealth for the money,

Ain’t a damn thing funny,

The grass is always greener on the other side,

It looks so lovely,

Even though they must rise above see,

The truth is ugly,

Exploitation of resources,

Gives power too the strongest forces,

Men earning seven figures to be bosses,

So we try to hang in there,

Cut our losses,

It’s good to stand for causes,

Try to change the minds of the people in office,




We also have to think of the next generations,

We  have to rise as a nation,

Take responsibility of this exploitation,

Corporations are a part of the equation,

When all we think of is profit,

No one stays legit,

We all have dirt on our hands as consumers,

It all started with the baby boomers,

Spread the rumors,

That we all need to stop polluting the earth,

It begins with self-worth,

Let’s stop this charade before we get hurt,

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