I ask myself this,

Do I want to become a martyr,

Or stay alive,

It would be good to throw in the towell,

Relieve my pain sleeping,

I hate it when people judge me,

Seeing me as a dull and a bore,

I need you to be quiet,

Don’t dare me now,

I look for a good time,

Nothing more,

A real martyr is beloved,

A real martyr dies for his sin,

Staying alive is though really tempting,

Cause you don’t have to be bothered by people,

I think a martyr say and does things out of his core beliefs,

Him or her is not afraid to express these beliefs,

They live life to the fullest,

By doing what they love,

Martyr’s have standards,

Are optimistic yet realistic,

The martyr is always open to experience what’s real,

I am not a martyr,

Just so you know,

Yes, I would like too,

Still I am not that person,

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