My life is an open book,

I am free to speak my mind,

Because people have fought for me,

I live in the perfect place and time,

The memorable experiences are a chime,

The music I’ve listened too,

The feelings I have shared,

The laughter and joy with friends,

I don’t want to spare,

Psychiatry is a breeze of fresh air,

Expressing my emotions and thoughts makes me see things fair,

I don’t wish to know it all,

 but I am not afraid to ask questions,

I don’t want to fall short in self-conception,

I want to feel your pain,

Be by your side through the rain,

I don’t hope to forget that you help me be sane,



Too much socializing makes me stressed out,

I am more comfortable one by one,

I still don’t want to cop out,

It makes me think like father like son,

I am doubtful if I should run,

All my thoughts are unified,

Still I don’t remember what I did yesterday,

Or the last time I cried,

I need an explanation,

Is there someone who can be my guide,

Always pay attention too,

What you’re doing and why,

Life is hard,

 but we make it much harder,

Staying cool in certain situations,

 will make you smarter,






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