I always have better things to do,

Than to clean my room,

It’s cause my mind is messier,

Then the room who needs a broom,

I always think of the next thing,

Like I’m destined for doom,

I feel like crying,

But inside I feel like it’s too soon,

I keep my head low,

As I want to grow,

You reap what you sow,

That’s why I always want to be in the flow,

My best excuse is that I know no better,

I always search for truth cause it makes me fit the sweater,

I don’t know the youth,

It makes me bitter,

All the time I look for love,

I never found one,

Is there someone standing above,

Who can help me find the one,

I always wait for something or someone,

I think I’m smart,

I think I’m handsome,

Still nobody wants me,

I want it bad, son,

But they say for every rainy day,

There will be sun,

I am hoping for better days,

It will be fun,

Loosing yourself,

Cause you don’t want to be yourself,

That’s where I’m from,

Standing in line waiting,

I ask what can be done,

The moment I wake up,

Will be a passionate one,



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